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Astrology Can Remove Your Obstacles by One Call & Get Better Life…

Our Shreeman Sadhak Guruprasad ji  has more than 15+ Years experience in astrology.
 They will tell you what you want to know about your existence of your life or the predictions you want to know about it in an easy way.

Marriage Predictions

Marriage is a significant part of life and holds an immense importance in our way of life and convictions. Marriage Number cruncher centers around giving a wide, prescient similarity figure of your conjugal life, about your mate, the bond you'll share, ups and downs, and substantially more in light of planetary positions.



Janampatri or Kundali is a celestial diagram ready based on the specific date of birth and time, and spot of birth of a person. This graph decides the situating of different signs, planets, the Sun, and the Moon. Kundli date of birth and time likewise uncovers the visionary viewpoints.


Career Astrology

Career is a central issue at the forefront of everybody's thoughts. How will I respond? What's the best field for me? How might I get effective? These are questions that are vital in everyone's life. you can get some direction about what the stars backing and what they say you shouldn't do.

relationship astrobysadhak

Relationship Problem Solution

Relationship Issue Arrangement In India, at times fundamentally many individuals, are confronting a lot of troublesome relationship issues which are obliterating the complete existence of the couples. Commonly they confront various sorts of issues that can not be held by people. this is the explanation the vast majority are discontent with their life.


Vedic Astrology

Vedic Crystal gazing is the most seasoned type of Soothsaying known to us, being 5000-7000 years of age. Indastro follows Vedic/Indian Crystal gazing standards with next to no think twice about the entirety of readings are synthetic and never programming created. Not at all like the Sun sign-based Western Framework, Indastro and Vedic Soothsaying utilizes the Moon Sign as the premise, everything being equal.


Business Related Problems Solutions

Business Issue Arrangement crystal gazing or corporate soothsaying is one of the major and exceptionally huge sections of soothsaying, which manages assorted issues, issues, dangers and vulnerabilities, deterrents, and monetary misfortunes related with organizations and administrations of different financial fields.

What Our Customers Say

I was trying to get in government sector for a long time but always left behind from cut offs by minute margins, Arun Sir suggested me to wear Pink Ruby Stone and some Mantras to get favourite of Lord Sun, Now I am in my Dream Job. Radhey Radhey
Rani Belekar
CEO, Founder
We run out the family business and earn respectable money but never get able to save a penny I never knew the reason behind it, After Consulting, I have made some Vastu changes in my house, and I am surprised how things got into our favour. I am happy that I get in touch with such good souls.
I never believed in astrology in my life but anyways took Premium Kundali from Arun Pandit Ji It was a 300 pages PDF I read it letter by letter and I got shocked by seeing the level of accuracy in Kundali report. Very Happy with Kundali report.
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